Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Aromatherapists blend therapeutic essential oils specifically for each individual and suggest how to use them to stimulate the desired responses.

An Aromatherapy massage works in four wonderful ways:

  1. The massage itself is calming and relaxing.
  2. It physically assists with the movement of lymphatic fluids within the body thereby aiding detoxification.
  3. The essential oils work within the body promoting wellbeing.
  4. Aromas from the essential oils enter our olfactory system and cause positive mental responses.

Aromatherapy massage can also help with minor muscular aches and spasms and a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.

There are a wide number of essential oils available, each with their own healing properties.

Worldwide research has shown that stress accounts for more than 70% of illness in our modern society. Negative and positive emotions really can change the complex chemistry of our bodies, and these changes can have a negative or positive effect on the immune system. For example, research has shown how prolonged stress can cause the body to over-produce cortisol and adrenalin which are hormones produced by the adrenal glands. These two hormones are normally secreted to produce a burst of energy as part of the ‘fight or flight’ response, and of course this response is an essential tool for survival. Prolonged periods of emotional and psychological pressures however, means that the over-production of these hormones can begin to weaken the integrity of the immune system because they reduce the level of T-helper cells, and inhibit the production of natural killer cells.

Aromatherapy offers one of the finest ways of combating the ravages of stress without having to resort to drugs which can be habit forming and damaging to your health.

Cost for a 1 hour treatment: £40.
Cost for a ½ hour treatment: £30.

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