Although Hypnosis as a therapy has been practised for over a hundred years it lost some of its credibility due to misuse in the entertainment industry. The many misconceptions about Hypnosis have helped create a deviation from the fact that it is a powerful healing tool. Recent media exposure by mind experts such as Derren Brown has served to reverse public opinion by demonstrating how hypnosis can be used for huge positive change.

Freud researched and practised hypnosis for a time, but it was Milton Erickson who finally broke down many of the barriers in the early 1900’s with his scientific and less authoritarian methods. Since then Hypnotherapy has achieved worldwide acclaim and recognition for being a relatively quick and non-invasive means of overcoming many human problems and complaints.

Hypnotherapy can be successfully used to overcome a number of different complaints including phobias, stress, stuttering, smoking cessation, over eating/weight loss, compulsive behaviour, self-esteem boosting, study and concentration, exam or writers block and an endless list of other conditions.

Extremely effective in pain blocking, hypnotherapy is often used for medical and dental anaesthesia. Many mothers have found benefit from using hypnosis techniques in conjunction with natural birth methods such as the ‘Lamaze.’  Chronic pain is frequently treated with prescriptions of pain-killing drugs. Hypnotherapy has now become a worldwide leader in effectively managing chronic pain without the side effects of the medications.

What to expect

Normally a first appointment involves a detailed input from you. This takes the form of a discussion. Often this open chat alone achieves a wonderful self-awareness. Time is taken to explain exactly how simple Hypnosis is and to assure you that control of your thoughts is always retained by you. Allow two hours for the first appointment.

Following appointments are dynamic and are tailor made to suite your requirements. They are usually one hour long and typically conducted on a once a week basis. In some circumstances future follow-up sessions are scheduled to assist you to stay on track.

Although there is no ‘norm’ you should anticipate four to six sessions.

Cost for a 1 hour session: £45.

For more information or to make an appointment contact Aiden Higgs.